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Our Culture:
Mission, Vision, Values

We take our mission, vision and values seriously. We "walk the talk" in delivering exceptional industrial fueling project experiences which build lasting connections and drive growth and success for our clients, co-workers and communities.

Kinley's Mission: Our Purpose

We build exceptional relationships that drive growth and success for all.

Kinley's Vision: Our Impact

We will create and contribute to environments where co-workers, clients and communities can flourish for generations.

Our Value Proposition: Why Kinley?

Kinley provides an exceptional (best-in-class) experience for all involved by minimizing uncertainties and risks, creating win-win relationships and doing the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons.

Kinley's Values

KINSHIP:  We’re part of something bigger than ourselves. We build lasting relationships.

INTEGRITY: We act with the highest degree of honesty and morality in all we do.


NEVER SETTLE: We relentlessly pursue knowledge and innovation and challenge the status quo.


LEGACY-DRIVEN: We think beyond today regarding the impact we can personally deliver for generations.


EXCEPTIONAL: We perform to the best of our ability and strive to deliver an exceptional experience.


YOU BEFORE ME: We care for and build-up co-workers, clients and others in our community.

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